Project Goals

Project Goals

1. Generate digital models of specimens in the UMMP collection of Type and Figured specimens to facilitate access to these frequently requested specimens, reducing the need for loans of this material and the consequent risk of damage to specimens during transport.

2. Provide access to digital models of comprehensively identified skeletal elements of select comparative specimens to serve as a digital reference collection, facilitating anatomical identifications of new specimens.

3. Serve as an archive of images and diagrams, 3D models, and animations illustrating research and educational projects that have been published separately or are in progress.

4. Create 3D site models that can be explored interactively, with links to 3D models of significant specimens and viewing modes that highlight stratigraphic as well as spatial relationships.

5. Create model libraries that can be used for development of mapping utilities for the documentation of new sites in both 2D and 3D formats.