A UMORF WebVR Test (v 0.1)

Thanks to great work by the three.js project, it is now easier to make content available through WebVR.  The test viewer here was designed for use with the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift (+Touch), but it also works in a limited way with Google Cardboard and possibly other devices (not tested).  Note that WebVR must be supported (e.g., Firefox 55 and later) and enabled in your browser for the viewer to work.

The skull shown in the viewer is from the Fowler Center mastodon.  The original model was produced using photogrammetry, and the resolution has been highly reduced to allow rendering on mobile devices.  When using a Vive or Oculus, the controller pointer can be used to manipulate the mastodon skull in the viewer.  Click the link below to start.

**UMORF VR TEST v 0.1**